The Name '"anot" / 名稱「anot」

"The flower is marvelous because it blooms, and singular because it falls"

- Zeami Motokiyo, a playwright of Noh drama

The name "anot" is inspired by a Japanese concept of aesthetics "mono no ware"(物の哀れ), which is often translated to "the ahh-ness of things" in English. "anot" is an aesthetic understanding of the world and the things around us. It is our elementary concept as well. Ahh-ness is the emotion for ephemera and nature, the profound sensitivity and the awareness of the fragile beauty of things. Flowers, plants, animals, humans or even love is transient. Flowers are specially valued because of their transience. By doing flowers and plants, we are closely facing and accepting the mortality of existence. All the things are changing, decaying, dying, losing... So, how do we respond?

"If man were never to fade away like the dews of Adashino,

never to vanish like the smoke over Toribeyama,

how things would lose their power to move us!"

- Yoshida Kenko, a Buddhist monk


「anot」一字是我們的宣言,是我們的世界觀。「anot」取字於一日本文學美學觀念「物之哀」(物の哀れ),英文為「Mono no aware」,意譯「the ahh-ness of things」。「物之哀」初能體現在日本賞櫻習俗之中,櫻花短暫盛放,隨之隕落,花開花落,隨天氣環境而變,之為無常,故此珍貴,亦為其美之所在。月之圓缺,人之老逝,世事萬物亦同樣不斷流轉,皆也短暫、瞬變。當心為人與物所動,樂之同時,哀必隨之,哀源於其樂也。「anot」一字,乃我們對花與植物的體驗,亦是我們對萬物之感受。作花同時,體現萬物之美,亦直視隨其之哀。





Idea / 理念

Natural, Simple, Into-life


  • We are trying to reconnect people and plants and hoping everyone would appreciate the beauty of plants as living things instead of merely commodities.
  • 重建人與植物的聯繫,植物並非單純商品,而是生命。一花一世界,一葉一如來。


  • To reduce waste, new products from the leftover of the plants and flowers are always in development.
  • 實驗乃我們的任務,不斷嘗試以剩餘花材研發新產品,珍惜任何資源


Founder / 主理人

MUK / 木


  • Experienced florist, photographer and art director
  • Degree in School of Creative Media Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media

  • 花藝師,攝影師,美術指導
  • 畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學系 





  • Concepts and ideas, Product development, Farming in New Territories
  • Permaculture Design Certificated, Degree in Philosophy

  • 理念與構思,產品研發與實驗,種田
  • 樸門永續設計證書,中大哲學系畢業


The most important question for me is what is a better relationship between lives. It is always a too-big question.

I worked in a kitchen as a chef for three years. In those years, I filleted a thousand of fishes and meat and cracked thousands of eggs. I learned how to use the food but i know how to make the food. I dealt with a lot of lives but actually i was watching they die. Getting lost in those world gourmets, i tried to find the way out in farm for the next step.